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assembly and packaging processes


We design and create complex devices for the assembly and packaging of your products with PC or SPC controls according to the technological specifications or process-related conditions.


According to your wishes, all relevant process data can be recorded, transferred and, if necessary, evaluated within the framework of TEAM-specific OEE solutions.




joining processes with force-displacement monitoring


Design and creation of manual, partially or fully automatic stations with pneumatic, hydraulic or electric presses, if required with force, path or force/path monitoring.

coordinate servo screw technology


With our well-known partners (WSM, DSM/Stöger, BOSCH, ...) we create manual, partially or fully automatic screw stations with and without automatic screw feeds and screw data evaluation

riveting processes


TEAM Automation Berlin GmbH creates and supplies manual, partially and fully automatic devices for all common riveting processes, if required also with corresponding process evaluations.