Machining processes

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machining processes


In accordance with the specific specifications and the technological and process-related customer requirements, we create manual, semi-automated and fully-automated processing devices with PC or SPC controls together with our component manufacturers.


According to your wishes, all relevant process data can be recorded, transferred and, if necessary, evaluated within the framework of TEAM-specific OEE solutions.

flanging technique


TEAM Automation Berlin creates and supplies manual, semi-automated and fully automatic devices for all common flanging processes, if required also with corresponding process evaluations.

coil winding technology


With our cooperation partner METEOR AG (Switzerland) we supply you - also as main contractor - complete fully automatic coil winding systems with all relevant ancillary processes.

marking and labeling technology


The marking and labeling of the components depends on the component size, the material and the necessary information content.

Beginning with simple marking of the components with a center punch or a colored dot to laser marking or labelling , we can offer you the complete range of marking and labeling technology according to your needs. We can carry out the necessary preliminary tests in this context at any time with our cooperation partners in-house.