Welding processes

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welding processes


Whether conventional MIG/MAG, resistance, ultrasound or laser - TEAM Automation Berlin is at your disposal with its partners in the field of automation of complex welding processes - of course also with process data acquisition and evaluation.

laser welding technology


Laser welding is a highly productive and at the same time fascinating process, suitable for the finest seams and components of the most varied shapes and geometries. The majority of laser welds do not require any additional material to connect components securely and permanently.

laser welding technology (transmission technology)


In the transmission method, the laser penetrates the half of the molded part made of a material that is transparent to the radiation (transmissive component) and then melts the absorbent material of the second joining partner (absorbent component). The transparent component also plasticizes by means of heat conduction. The resulting flow of melt and the cooling of the seam under pressure create a precise, strong and materially bonded connection.

resistance welding


Resistance welding is a welding process for electrically conductive materials based on the Joule current heat of an electric current flowing through the connection point. The connection partners are heated until the welding temperature is reached and welded at the point of contact under the effect of a force through solidification of melt, through diffusion or also in the solid phase.