Testing processes

Manual or automatic testing - we are the specialists

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Testing processes


In accordance with the relevant customer specifications or also based on our recommendations, we set up the optimal test equipment for our customers. Together with our customers, feasibility and tolerance considerations are carried out in advance in advance, upon request. We not only integrate all common testing processes, but develop these as well. also further. On the basis of Lab-View, complex different testing processes can be created.

functional tests


Together with our customers, we develop upon request all the necessary tests with the corresponding limit values ​​for the respective product

Flow and tightness tests


Based on the given test parameters, we recommend our customers the appropriate test equipment. From simple test sensors to complex test equipment, we use the optimal equipment for our customers.


• Tightness tests

• Air permeation tests

electrical test procedure


• High voltage tests

• Resistance tests

• Insulation resistance test